How to Maintain a Food Processor?

A good food processor is of great help for every household in his/her kitchen. Owing to its great utility in day to day life, one would probably always like to keep it functioning for years to come. For ensuring long life of your food processor one needs to take great care towards cleaning the appliance. Well maintenance of appliance is not only enhances its life but also maintains its performance. Here are some useful tips for cleaning the appliance. After using the appliance one must remove its mains plug from the wall socket. Protect the food processor’s motor from the water and try to keep it dry. Better clean and dry the main jar with damp cotton cloth than washing it under running water. After using the machine dissemble it carefully and wash each part with water. Dry it properly to prevent bacterial growth and then put it back at some safe place. Do not use dishwasher for cleaning the parts of dishwasher and also try to avoid use abrasive washing material to prevent the coating on the parts. Always wash your appliance immediately after every use. Keep your food processor dried and well-clean to avoid bad smell. one of the best method is to get rid of the stinky smell from the food processor is to mix 1 to 1 ratio of baking soda & water, store it in the bowl of the processor for a while and then rinse it.

Read user manual carefully before using the machine. There are various foods and vegetables that can harm the machine. Before trying something new read the user guide and avoids any unpleasant incident. Food processor is just a machine and it has its own limitations. Expecting something beyond its capacity will only ruin the machine. Be careful while handling the machine. Do not use vegetables and food stuff that can cause harm to the machine. Protect your food processor from stains, though it will not impair the performance but it will not look good to your eyes. Wipe the container with clear and dry cotton dipped in oil or paper napkin. Never use heavy chemical based detergent to clean the machine. Food processor in India now becomes important part of kitchen as well. Always keep your machine clean and dry. Read the user guide very carefully before using the machine and follow the do’s and don’ts mention in user guide. Keep these simple cleaning and maintenance tips in your mind while using the food processor and avail the service of the machine for years to come.

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