It’s now a decade since vaping was incepted and the argument between which holds plenty of the benefits between smoking and vaping is still on. Even though vaping is a new concept compared to smoking, vaping has already gained popularity in a very short period of time. A large number of people have remained dubious about the safety and health of this new concept. Despite the slow welcome gesture, many vape stores and vape shops are still being opened around the world. This is a sign that the story of this new glamorous concept is being told and it’s on the rise in fame. Vape has less harmful chemicals. Compared to cigarettes, it has a minimum amount of harmful substances. Vape juice contains E-liquid and E-licious, these are the only substances that are contained in a vape. The substances are added for VG and flavoring. Ingredients in E-liquid, VG and PG are approved food grade flavors.

Vaping is less hazardous to health. It’s not associated with mouth cancer, lung cancer, cardiovascular illnesses, and respiratory diseases. It’s scientifically proven part that it’s less injurious when it comes to a person’s health. It can’t cause any incurable diseases even if it’s regular vaping. There are no carcinogenic chemicals that are associated with vape as there are no harmful chemical substances involved. Compared to other forms of smoking, vaping is less addictive. Because there is no nicotine in a vape, the chances of getting addicted are minimal. One doesn’t struggle to quit vape.

In most countries, they don’t allow vape to contain nicotine so that the users can’t get addicted. Additionally, vape advocates for people to quit smoking. Most people quit smoking through use of e-cigarettes and most people that use it practice vaping. All smoking addicts are recommended vaping to assist them to quit smoking. When chain-smokers use a vape, they can be able to quit smoking for at least three months. Vape is a good aid to these addict smokers. Unlike cigarettes, vape has different tastes of flavor. Users always have different flavors to choose from. The diverse flavors of vape juice suit the preference and tastes of specific individuals.

Some of these flavors include strawberry, Apple, menthol, caramel, chocolate, and cherry. These are just a few flavors, there are many in the market at vapers disposal. These flavors and a premium vaporizer can be purchased online from vape shops. Vaping is not harmful to others. When someone is vaping, the next person sitting is not affected by the vape at all. People around a person vaping still remain healthy. Other passive smokers get affected by other forms of smoking. Vaping can be termed extremely safe for the next immediate person.

The vaping fumes are absolutely odorless, also, it has a very pleasant aroma and it’s also not harmful to the environment. Scientists say that smoking and littering is harmful to the environment. It also poses the danger of fire which can cause the destruction of property. Vape doesn’t jeopardize the environment. It doesn’t also contribute to atmospheric pollution and greenhouse effect. It absolutely protects and safeguards the environment.

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