There are some things no discerning, fashion-conscious man should ever be without, and we’ve rounded up the wardrobe essentials that you need to own.

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A good suit

We don’t just mean a vaguely decent suit that you can wear to work, we mean a well fitted, stylish suit that looks good for every occasion, from a wedding to a big meeting. Every man needs a tailored suit in his wardrobe, and it should be one that is in a timeless style, and in a classic cut and colour.

A white t-shirt

Simon Cowell has made the white t-shirt famous again. The music mogul may seemingly live in his, but it’s a staple item that every man’s wardrobe needs at least one of. A crisp white t-shirt can be dressed up or down, and paired with jeans or suit trousers and a cocktail jacket to make more of a statement.

A watch

And not just any watch. A good, quality timepiece that captures attention. There are plenty of great watch brands on the market and choosing one (or more) that suits your personality is key. A watch can be a statement piece, and as men don’t have as many options to accessorise, a lot of attention can be placed on a timepiece.

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Great shirts

Every man needs to have a selection of good quality shirts in his wardrobe. Farah shirts like those available at are a great option, as there are plenty of styles, from the more casual tee to the polo and the button down. The key with any men’s shirt is for it to look good and feel good, and to always be in optimum condition.

A classic jumper

A classic jumper is key, and it should be in a neutral colour, unless of course you’re stocking up on several. A lovely soft, quality grey, black or cream crew neck jumper knit is always worth investing in.

A trench coat

A well-cut trench coat will keep you warm, and look endlessly stylish too. Every man living in a wet or cold climate needs a trench coat, as it keeps out the elements but also keeps up the style factor! Camel coloured coats are an option, as are the darker shades such as black, charcoal or navy blue.

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