When we talk about winters, the first thing which comes in our mind is cold wind. Winters are amazing but having dry lips is worst. Dry lips cause irritation, itchiness and pain. You cannot even apply lipsticks on dry lips because they are uneven. Your lips will not get enough moisture and it will make the condition worse. So, it is necessary to take care if your lips and nothing can be better than a lip balm which is medicated. Lip balms will make your lips smooth and shiny. These balms offers nice amount of moisture so that you can go through winters easily. They are must to have in everyone’s bag. Even from school going and the older people can also use it. There are so many lip balms in market which makes it difficult to choose. Fret not, we are here to help you and offer you iHerb promo code available at couponbahrain.com. Keep scrolling to see our top suggested lip balms for you.

Blistex Lip Protectant:

It is best for you if you have severely dry and cracked lips. It provides excess healing and tingly sensation to lips. It gives healthy hydration and cool relief to painful dry lips. It is made with medicated ingredients thus very healthy. It is sourced by using methanol. You must buy this and we recommend you to stock it up for hard days.

Neosporin Renewal Therapy:

If you want to have soft and smooth lips overnight then use this. Nothing can be better than it because it provides proper nourishment to your lips. There is no chance for pain and damage to occur. You can use it for cheeks and skin too. WOW. It is formulated with moisturizers and vitamins. It is free of preservatives, parabens and artificial flavors.

Dr.Dans Lip Balm:

If your lips have undergone sunburn, medications, weather changes or chemotherapy and you are seeking relieve then it is perfectly made for you. It is dermatologists recommended and formulated with mineral oil, bees wax, petroleum jelly and 1% hydrocortisone. You can make this beauty yours by using iherb promo code at hand couponbahrain.com to remain in budget.

Maybelline Lip Balm:

If you are going out and want to put something that can give your favorite color and smoothness to lips then this is must to have for you. It will relieve your lips from pain in just few days. It will make your lips smooth and shiny. It is formulated with methanol and eucalyptus. News from heaven is that it has color option too. Hurrah!

Blistex Lip Ointment:

It is made from blending medicated ingredients which provide calmness to burning and itching lips. It treats the blisters and soreness. You can apply your lip color over it easily. It is alkaline free and thus very safe to use. What are you looking for? Go and grab it by utilizing iherb promo code accessible at couponbahrain.com to save money for another piece.

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