How To Lengthen Your Eyelashes

Eyes are an important and beautiful facial feature and for many years people have been trying to draw attention to them using a variety of techniques including elaborate makeup. Having long eyelashes is a great way of highlighting your eyes, but not all women are blessed with huge sweeping lashes. I am one of these women and I dream of the day that I have perfect makeup and super long lashes like the beautiful celebrities who are plastered all over magazine spreads and TV. The question is, how can you really lengthen your eyelashes without paying for cosmetic surgery or expensive drugs that claim they can stimulate growth? Well, there are a couple of options available. Firstly, there are semi permanent lash extensions that are professionally applied in beauty therapists in salons. Most towns have salons where you can get this done. The procedure involves individual synthetic eyelashes being applied to each of your own eyelashes by using a safe and strong adhesive. These can last for a few weeks and naturally blend in with your own. However, not everyone has the time or money to take repeated trips to a salon. Mascara is another way to create length. I find this can be a bit hit and miss though. Sometimes the mascara can clump and create unnatural looking lashes. Other times this is not a problem. This is by far the quickest method to make your lashes look longer and probably the cheapest. Alternatively, false eyelashes can be purchased both individually or as whole strips from a variety of stores both online and offline. Many women prefer strip false eyelashes as they can be applied far quicker than attaching each eyelash individually. The choices available are broad, meaning you can pick a style that suits your own personality or matches the outfit you are wearing.

For everyday wear, short false eyelashes are ideal as they blend in with your own. They create volume and draw attention to your eyes without looking extreme or overpowering. They are ideal for office wear and for people that have never worn falsies before. Women who are starting to loose their own lashes often use these. If you want a bit of “va va voom” and want to make a statement the options are endless… you could purchase huge sweeping feather lashes, ones that glow in the dark, extreme thick ones, bright pink ones etc. Most of it depends on how confident you are! I would suggest that people with long fringes avoid eyelashes that are too long, as they may catch on your fringe and become slightly annoying. False eyelashes can be applied very easily, are comfortable and light to wear. They usually come with some sort of adhesive or glue, which can be applied to the lash line to make them stick on. Mascara can also be applied on top. In conclusion, it’s not the end of the world having short eyelashes. There are several options available, but the key is finding the one that suits your lifestyle the most.

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