The U.S. has recently permitted IQOS, a brand new tobacco product. This raises concerns over the possibility of another nicotine delivery device being introduced during a growing youth e-cigarette epidemic.

IQOS can be used as an electronic device but the FDA classifies it like a cigarette. That means it is subjected to the same restrictions those traditional cigarettes. these products will be safer than smoking, but there are many unknowns about how the devices will impact the community.

Here are six key facts about IQOS.

  1. IQOS uses a completely different technology than e-cigarettes.

What is the difference between IQOS e-cigarettes?

Products that heat-not-burn are different from e-cigarettes as they contain real tobacco and not flavored e-liquid, which is what makes them so distinct from e-cigarettes. Heat-not burning is an alternative to e-cigarettes. It allows users the ability to smoke regular cigarettes without inhaling combusted.

  1. The devices have not been approved by FDA.

Is IQOS FDA approved for use?

FDA stated that although it has allowed the sale of tobacco products in the United States, this does not mean they are safe or FDA-approved. ‘”

The FDA granted two regulatory approvals to the company. The first was to market and market the product new to tobacco (called a pre-market approval) and the second was to market and market it less harmful than other cigarettes (called a modified risk tobacco product approval). The FDA decision applies for the Pre-Market approval. The agency hasn’t decided if the device is allowed to be marketed less harmfully than other tobacco products.

  1. Tobacco products made from heated tobacco are not safer than cigarettes.

Is IQOS safer than smoking cigarettes?

Tobacco companies claim heat non-burn products have less dangerous than cigarettes. This is because when tobacco burns or combusts it produces more chemicals than those in cigarettes.

IQOS’s toxicity is lower than cigarettes. However multiple articles in an issue the journal Tobacco Control concluded the company’s data do not support such claims. Research shows that IQOS has lower levels than cigarettes of some toxicants, but can still expose users to higher levels of other toxicants. IQOS can expose users to lower levels of some toxicants, but higher risks for other diseases.

Philip Morris’ research has shown that having fewer toxic chemical compounds does not mean there is less harm from using the product. It also shows that reductions in exposure claims are mistakenly misunderstood to mean reduced-harm claims.

  1. IQOS may be appealing to youth.

Are teens using IQOS?

Truth Initiative(r), which studied IQOS, found that it may appeal to young people. This is due to the marketing campaign that presents the product as “sophisticated”, “high-tech and inspirational” as well as “sleek, unique items that are similar to iPhone.”

The marketing of the product is particularly worrying due to the current youth e-cigarette epidemic. E-cigarette use is on the rise, particularly among young people. Many of these people have never smoked cigarettes. E-cigarette use has increased 78% among high-scholars and 48% among middle scholars in just one year.

Tobacco Control also published a study that emphasized these concerns.

FDA is limiting youth access to IQOS as well as exposure to advertising and promotion. This includes social media and websites.

  1. Marlboro will have menthol cartridges, which could help strengthen its brand.

Does IQOS have flavors?

Philip Morris plans to sell rolls of tobacco that look and feel like small cigarettes. These Heat Sticks will be flavored with menthol. A flavor that has been proven to appeal to young people and make smoking easier and more difficult. The FDA didn’t receive any information from Philip Morris regarding how the menthol flavor will impact the product’s appeal or toxicology.

  1. These products are part of an industry’s efforts at coping with rising regulation.


Tobacco companies are using harm reduction claims to try to undermine government regulation. This strategy is according to commentary from Tobacco Control.

“[Heated cigarettes] are the latest attempt by tobacco firms to adapt to changing regulatory landscapes to maintain and increase their customer base, amid declining social acceptance of tobacco usage and declining cigarette use,” the commentary stated. “Companies markets [heated tobacco products] wherever regulations are not in place or loopholes exist. This increases social acceptance for all their tobacco products.”

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