Here come the monsoon and people are getting ready for all their plans, whether it is for the rowing paper boat in the water or having spicy and hot food with their family. Rainy season brings lots of health issues with it and everyone should be aware of them. Diarrhea is one of the health issues that are seen in rainy season.

Especially kids are the first target of it, and parents get more worried because of this. When we are living in the internet world then everyone would think smartly and get all the education regarding the health issues that surround them in monsoon.

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Diarrhea is an unpleasant and sometimes embarrassing condition. It simply starts without giving you any sort of information. The most frequent source of diarrhea is food poisoning.  Some of the foods also trigger diarrhea and one must not spend time in a reading room with just having lots of amount of unripe apples or grapes.

Laxatives are also responsible for diarrhea. For the curing of diarrhea in early stage, one must avoid eating lots of food at a time and should be hydrated well. Have your food in the blended form.

Apples- as it said that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” but here we are talking about the unripe apples. Never go for them but you can have the applesauce instead. Never eat large no. of apples at a time.

Tea- tea helps in calming diarrhea, as tea contains tannins as blackberry leaves have. But for the patient who suffers from hypertension and depression then they are told to avoid tea as it contains caffeine.

Blackberry leaf tea- to calm the bowel movement and helps in reducing the risk of diarrhea as blackberry leaf contains caffeine and astringent qualities.

People in the rainy season sometimes ignore the cleaning of tanks and storing properly the cooked food. The diet that is recommended for the kids in diarrhea is called the BRAT diet. Banana, rice, , and toast, but for kids to make them happy and having the healthy food mom especially recommend the unseasoned crackers, boiled potatoes and rice porridge.

Some of the foods that one must avoid when suffering from diarrhea are raw vegetables and fruits, spicy foods, pork and veal, fried foods and processed food. If you want to stop diarrhea fast then you must take the easily digested food and eat lightly.

Yogurt contains the Probiotics that helps in restoring the essential bacteria in the body that are flushed out with diarrhea. Chronic diarrhea can be the symptom of irritable bowel movement. Never ignore the symptoms that show that you are suffering from diarrhea. This monsoon never ignore your health, enjoy with your family by taking proper precautions especially of kids.

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