How to Fix Apple iPhone 6 Black Screen or Won't Turn on

How to fix iPhone black screen: The black screen seen in an iPhone is a common problem. But, the users think that it is a big issue because if black screen appears then nothing can be done on your iPhone, right. No worries, black screen is not a big issue, we can easily solve it. The reasons for the black screen may be due to water damage, sometimes due to any software and hardware issues. Let us check how to fix the black screen in iPhone: Method 1: If your device is in complete black mode then press Home button and power button of your iPhone. If the phone turns on then ok, otherwise Go with next process. Method 2: Reboot your iPhone Reboot your iPhone and open settings > General > Settings> Reset all settings After resetting your device restart once again. If you didn’t find the black screen then the issue is solved. If not then check for iTunes Method 3: Restore iTunes Connect your iPhone to a computer through an USB cable. Download latest version of iTunes on your computer and open it.

When iTunes detects your iPhone, go to summary tab and click on “Restore iPhone”. Click on “Restore” for confirmation. After confirming to restore, then old iTunes will be updated by the latest version of iTunes in your iPhone. Once you finished up with installing the new iOS software, you need to restart your device once again. temp-17-300×124 How to fix Apple iPhone 6 black screen or won’t turn on If you still find the problem is not fixed then try for next method. Method 4: If the black screen stuck at Apple logo then, bring your iPhone to recovery mode. After bringing to recovery mode then simply follow connecting USB to your system and update your iTunes and iOS software. This can solve the issue. Method 5: If you still face the same problem then, Check whether the USB works in proper condition, if not change the USB and use original USB that suits your iPhone. Check the port of the your charger Check your charger& iPhone Dock and remove all the dust from the dock. “AppWorld Service Center” is an autonomous service center. “AppWorld service center” has experienced Apple certified Mac technicians. People who uses any of Apple devices like iPhones, any Mac devices like MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iPods etc finds any difficulties in your handsets or laptops, or issues in hardware or software, updating apps, reinstalling process, either can contact for the service at our service center or request for service at “” or reach us at “1800 123 4488”.

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