Playtime is crucial for every baby, and it is essential to give your child as much of it as necessary. This is when a lot of growth happens, both physical and emotional. Play yards, also known as playpens, are outdoor toys like kids’ trampolines that allow your child their own space for their creativity and innovation. They get to have their own little playground where they are not restricted from doing anything they want. These toys are crucial in aiding the development of both fine and gross motor skills, as well as helping them develop emotionally. Before getting one, however, there are several things you need to consider to make sure that you pick the perfect one for your baby.


When it comes to your baby, never compromise their safety. Anything can hurt them no matter how harmless it looks.

Your baby’s play yard should adhere to federal safety standards. The manufacturer must test their product for stability, structural integrity, entrapment and any other factors that may affect safety. Play-yard accidents are severe, and if you check the statistics, you’ll realize how important it is to ensure safety. It would not be advisable to get a used play-yard unless the seller produces proof of adherence to safety guidelines.


The features on the ideal play-yard will majorly depend on how you plan to use it. If your child is old enough to coordinate a game in there, then you may need one with interesting items they can use. If you only need to hold the baby as you run a few errands or do something quick, a basic one will do. If you live in a large house you may want to grab one with a changing table, bassinet and diaper storage to avoid making trips up and down the stairs. Some even have shelves like a tallboy dresser.

Some play yards can be adjusted to be cribs and even walkers. Keep in mind that they are not required to meet the crib safety standards.


If you want a play yard that you can carry around when travelling, then get one that is foldable. Recent models even have packing features that allow them to be checked as baggage. You may also want to consider the weight and size of the play yard. Many that have many elements are usually very heavy.


The larger the baby or toddler, the larger their play yard will need to be. It should accommodate them comfortable while also creating some reasonable space for movement. A large play yard for a small baby may not be a big problem and is quite effective because the baby will grow into it. Check the weight limit, however, to make sure that the baby does not exceed it.

In conclusion, an ideal play yard is the one the baby can use comfortably and safely. It is also convenient for you and of course, cost-friendly.

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