Looking for free samples and other great deals to save money and win free stuff on the web? You will love these two sites!

You want to get coupons, promo codes, free samples and full of products to test in a wide variety of areas: food, beauty products, home maintenance, animals, hygiene, babies and children, leisure … Do not lose not a moment to save money, you will find your happiness on these 2 sites!

Sample Club: at the heart of good deals

The website samplesclub.com is a portal that offers lots of good plans ranging from free samples to product tests, discount codes and contests in France. This site specializes in internet offers offers to receive free samples, test products for free and try to win great gifts to contests.

You will also find many tips to help you spend less and save money. The site regularly shares practical information, news and promotions, discounts, gifts or refunded products.

Free products: tests, samples, coupons and contests

In the same style, discover productsgratuits.com which is the reference site since 2001 good deals of free products, free samples, coupons and contests.

This specialized site unearths all the good plans of the web and groups them on its site and in its Newsletter to save you time and to avoid to consult several sites. You will find so many good plans that have in common to allow you to save money daily or spend less.

How does it work to take advantage of all these tips?

Not many people know this, but all major brands need to reap the consumer’s view of their products, and are ready to reward you for that. This is how you can sign up to receive free samples or even win free products. Your opinion and your comments are worth gold and your profile inevitably interests a brand. Join the testers panels and you will have access to many good deals every week!

The two sites that we present to you work on the same principle and more often, they ask you a little implicit action like for example:

  • to answer questions
  • test a product you receive for free at home
  • give your opinion on a product or a sample
  • leave a comment or subscribe to the social networks of major brands

Go to the addresses listed and start saving now!


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