One of the most frequent questions that we get asked as sock manufacturers is what is the best material for dress socks? Much of the material choices will come down to personal preference but a dress sock that is knit with a natural yarn can be designed as a more comfortable sock than one that contains synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers such as polyester will not breathe as well as a natural fiber because it can cause your feet to sweat.

Should You Choose Cotton or Wool?

Two of the main materials that are used in sock construction today are wool and cotton. When choosing between these types of socks it is important to understand that certain types of wool like merino wool are very different from a traditional wool. While many people think wool socks are extremely scratchy, this type of wool is smoother and softer; it is perfect in cold temperatures, it manages odor well and it can help with moisture. Cotton is a little bit softer and a little bit better for the heat, but Merino wool can be a much more versatile sock.

The Best For Your Dress Sock

If you’re looking for some of the softest dress socks on the market you should consider using a prima cotton. This is a type of dress sock that is incredibly comfortable and it also has cotton fibers which are selected for their soft nature.

If you find that your feet regularly sweat through the day, choosing a Merino wool dress sock can be best for fighting foot odor and sweat. It’s also better if you live in a cooler climate where you will need to wear dress socks through the winter time.

Consider some of these top tips when you are picking the ideal material for your dress socks. Keeping these options in mind will make sure you get access to the finest in dress socks for your business wear!

This post was written by Matt Conklin, owner and sock aficionado at Lucid Socks. Lucid Socks’ sock of the month club features a random hand picked pair of socks from one of our many categories of unique and humorous socks.

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