For most, the ability to be able to see clearly is an essential part of our everyday lives. Sight is one of the five senses that most could not imagine living without. While there are millions of people who have either lost their sight or were born without the ability to see, we never want to take our eyesight for granted. It is important to care for our eyes the best way we can. Getting annual eye checkups can help keep your eyes in good health and avoid the possibility of losing your sight.

If you’re experiencing dry, tired eyes or blurred vision, you may need to get an eye exam. The phrase eye exam may sound frightening or mysterious, but they most certainly don’t have to be. Depending on the severity of your eyes, several different test may need to be performed such as pupil dilation, a glaucoma test, slit lamp exam, cover test, color blindness test and a visual acuity test to name a few. Your doctor will determine what type of test is best suited for you.

Once you have been tested and your doctor determines that you need glasses, contacts or both comes the fun part. Shopping for frames seems to be the most popular part of the eye exam process. You can try on different frames to determine which is suited best for your face. Eye doctors usually have a show room with various styles, colors and sizes of frames to choose from. Designers are homing in on the eyeglass business as well. Finding that individuals are more inclined to purchase frames from designer brands that are well known. Having the option to purchase designer frames has made the shopping process more enjoyable.

Finding frames that suit you is only half of the work. Your doctor may have told you that your prescription only works when driving at night or reading. What happens when you get to your job and you sit down in front of the computer screen and everything on the screen is blurry? You’re faced with another dilemma, however, one that can most certainly be solved without an additional trip to the eye doctor. Doctors will often times recommend getting a pair of computer glasses to assist with your vision while working on a computer.

When you’re looking directly at a computer screen for an extended period of time it’s common to experience a strain of the eye or blurred vision. Glasses specifically for computer work have grown popular over the recent years. You don’t necessarily need a prescription to pick up readers from your local store or shopping mall. These types of glasses generally have more magnifying power than your average glasses. They allow for things to be seen more clearly at a closer range. These types of glasses are sold in various colors, shapes and sizes like prescription glasses.

It is important to test glasses out before purchasing them. You want to make sure the glasses you choose are fitting to your face and don’t cause headaches while wearing them. It’s always good to test glasses out for a week and see how they perform for you, before switching to a zoomed version.

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