Mike Tyson Boxing Canvas Wall Art For Gift, Boys Room Decor

Michael Gerard Tyson is an American professional boxer. He was Nicknamed “Iron Mike” and “Kid Dynamite” when he was young, and later known as “The Baddest Man on the Planet”. He was the most popular heavyweight champion of this era.


We in Katia Skye have printed a canvas print wall art of this iconic character and you can get it by ordering it from our official website. The canvas is stretched on a sturdy frame and its corners and edges are neatly wrapped so no extra frame is needed to bind the canvas.

The colors and the artwork on the canvas have been printed in a large print shop to maintain its high-class standards. This wall art can enhance the look of your interiors if fixed on a wall of your dining space, living room, or even your bedroom.

The vibrant color in the painting of the legend adds to the aesthetics of the area where it is hanged. 14 different sizes are available in Katia Skye and 2 different depths of the canvas, 0.75’’ and 1.5’’ can be ordered. Choose the size that suits your needs and mention it under the section ‘’note to the seller’’. You can order the portrait orientation or the landscape one which also you will have to mention as described above.

Gift it to a loved one

This Mike Tyson canvas wall art print portrait is a unique gift for your family members as well as your friends and loved ones. You can gift them this beautiful work of art on their birthdays, New years day, Christmas, graduation party, anniversary, or any occasion that marks any achievement or just as a token of love.’ Best quality products at the best possible prices’ are our motto. Once you order this or any other wall art from our website you can get ready for a hassle-free delivery. This contemporary room decor is available at $40 and shipping is calculated at checkout.

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