There are few things in life that are as luxurious as a full electric blanket on a cold night. Ordinary blankets trap your body heat. On the other hand, electric blankets are warm because they generate heat. This means that after a cold night outside, you can snuggle up and immediately feel the warmth. Check out these awesome blankets and see how they can help you.

Basic design

Modern electric blankets are widely used today because they have improved characteristics that make them safe. The electrical plug is inserted into an outlet that supplies power to the entire device. Heat is generated by the wires inside the blanket. The thermostat controls temperature, although other brands use rheostats to better control temperature and prevent hotspots. The use of safer, stronger and more flame retardant carbon fiber cables also improves safety. Heat is circulated through wires or hot liquid that flows into the blanket. Outside, an electric heater is no different from a regular blanket.

20th century Marvel

Cold winters in most regions forced the invention of thermal blankets. Heated blankets have been around since the 20th century, although they were more primitive back then. They were cumbersome and many security issues were not addressed. The dangers posed by the combination of heat and flammable materials have made them unpopular. Today, these devices have been developed to enhance their safety and make them more convenient.

Security concerns

The full electric blanket became a success when its safety was improved. The use of a low voltage of just 24 volts instead of the usual 220 or 110 volts is also a recent advance in safety. The deadly combination of heat, electricity, and flammable bedding makes these safety precautions a must. However, this does not mean that modern electric blankets are unsafe. Old, damaged blankets can expose live wires or faulty electrical systems, which can lead to overheating and fire. Therefore, it is always safe to test your electric blankets at least once a year to make sure they are still safe to use. A built-in timer ensures that the blanket turns off automatically, even if you forget it. It is also advisable that there are no objects on the bed on the surface, as they can catch fire.

Your options

When you buy electric blankets online, make sure they fit in your bed. King or queen size blankets are usually divided into two halves, each with a separate control on each side. A full electric blanket provides maximum coverage so there will be no cold spots on your bed. Blankets designed for use in cars are also available.


The warmth generated by these blankets helps soothe and relax sore muscles for restful sleep. Electric blankets are made of soft fabric perfect for shelter. Even on chilly winter nights, you can wear the most comfortable nightgowns and get rid of heavy, bulky winter clothing.

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