When it comes to providing support to one of the tender parts of the women’s body, our minds go towards the breasts. Women usually wear a normal bra, however, they aren’t enough to provide them with shape, support, protection, and restrict their movements. This is where the sports bra comes to the rescue. The sports bra is an undergarment that is made with sturdy fabric, has a support system, and also compression in the front which helps in supporting the breasts, restricting their movements, and also provides your upper body with the right posture. If you are tired of your hanging breasts and constant bad posture, then head to 6th Street and get your hands on some of the best sports bras from best brands such as Calvin Klein at an amazing rate with the use of 6th Street promo code.

For the Use in Sports

Women have made their prominent position in the sports sector. You will see women competing against men in different sports or also women competing against each other in only female competitions. With their entry in sports and gym workout, many sports brands came out with sports bra later followed by their fashion brands such as Calvin Klein who also made their prominent market in the sports bra area. These bras were made to support breasts and also to restrict their movement when performing any type of vigorous physical activity such as playing sports or when working out at the gym. If you are a fitness freak or love playing any sort of sports then investing in a sports bra from 6th Street can be great and with the use of 6th Street promo code, you can avail discounts too.

For Use in Daily Routine

Many women think that sports bra is only to be worn when playing sports or working out. However, you can also incorporate it into your daily life routine. When walking or traveling in public transport, many women tend to have bouncy breasts because of their heaviness and shape. This doesn’t only unappealing but is also extremely painful and uncomfortable. To avoid such situations you can use low impact sports bra from 6th Street in your daily life. This is also perfect for girls going to school, college or universities where they have to walk around, even run to their classes, travel in public transport or even when playing sports at school. Use the 6th Street promo code to get amazing discounts on these low impact sports bras for your girl.

Their Types and Sizes

It is important to select the right sports bra for the right type of activity. There are three different sports bra which is low, medium, and high impact. The low ones can be used for your daily life routine whereas the medium impact can be used when walking or cycling. However, if you play basketball, workout at the gym or dance, then you need to use a high impact sports bra. Similarly, getting the right size is very important. Make sure to compare your measurements with the chart provided at 6th Street to get the right size. Don’t forget to use the 6th Street promo code to avail discounts on your purchase.


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