A jockstrap is an undergarment worn by a man to protect him from injuries during contact sports. Most of the time, this comes with a cup to provide added protection. Some men use the jockstrap to keep their organ safe in one place. This is particularly significant when you go cycling or when batting a ball.

Its design is simple yet effective. It has a waistband and a pouch area that holds the scrotum and the organ itself. This cup is attached by straps that are found at the bottom between the legs and they wrap around beneath the buttocks.

Today there are various designs for different sports, but that is the idea of the jockstrap design. The pouch actually works as a sleeve that allows you to put a cup into for protection when you are playing baseball. It’s the same design that has been used since it was first introduced in 1874 by the Sharp & Smith company.

It’s through the jockstrap that the present-day brief was invented. As you can see, briefs are tightly worn like jockstraps and they hold everything in place. The only difference is that a brief covers the entire buttocks. They are made up of a more elastic material that allows you to move freely.

The reason for jockstraps to be invented is sports. It is primarily designed to hold an athletic cup. Today most sports require their male players to wear some sort of protective cup for them to be able to play. These sports include boxing, fencing, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, and football. The cups used to be made of steel; today they are already made of plastic. The cups come with various designs for different sports. For instance, soccer has a cup that is more flexible since the sport entails a lot of moving and kicking. Boxing, on the other hand, comes with a jock and cup combo which is integrated into the boxer’s layers of protection while baseball requires a really hard and firm cup because the ball has to travel at high speeds.

However, there are also jockstraps that are not designed for sports. Instead they are meant to improve men’s appearances. It is said that if women wear push-up bras for them to look better, men wear jockstraps to pull up their organs.

Jockstraps nowadays are also used more for addressing medical conditions. This undergarment can help with senior sag, prostate cancer, incontinence, inguinal hernia, and hydrocele. This gives you extra support for your body to work harder and achieve recovery. This support that the jockstrap provides makes the life of the wearer more comfortable. A jockstrap lessens the pressure on the inguinal canal. For one who suffers from hydrocele, the undergarment helps to control the enlarged area and make it more secure.

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